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Probably the most important issue when making and uploading content is doing age verification and model release paperwork regardless of circumstances. If you don't have it for ALL performers, even ones who's faces aren't shown, you cannot use it. 

These days a lot of hosting sites may waive the requirement for you to have to provide this if your co-performers are registered and verified models on the same site also. So you can upload content even if you don't have model releases and ID photos. 

However, should that model subsequently leave the site for whatever reason, your content with them suddenly may be deleted without warning and you'll have to re-upload, or you may be asked for this paperwork in order for it to be visible. 

I can provide model releases which are currently accepted on all sites. Organise and check any releases and ID's you may already have, store them in a cloud so you can access anywhere, and advise if co-performers ID photos are about to expire. 

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