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Personal Assistant

It can be difficult to try to maintain your online presence and the administration it involves. Particularly if it isn't your only source of income and you have to juggle other work. And everyone has a home life to attend to for downtime.

The admin involved in maintaining your diary and a work/life balance when you're trying to plan shoots, travel and itinerary can be quite daunting. And the more people you involve in that, the more difficult it becomes to find and co-ordinate diary space between you. 

I can set up an online diary for you, shared and updated live so you can see at a glance what you have coming up that day/week/month. I can liase with co-performers, find and book locations, travel and accomodation and add it to that diary. Act as a buffer between content life and home life. Fielding enquiries about your time when you aren't able to and want a break.

I can even sort out domain names and website building if you've never had one before.  

Contact me to discuss your needs. 

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