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About Me

I started working in the Adult Industry early in 2017 and continue to this day, as Dominatrix Mistress Jodie May.
(@midlandsdomtv on Twitter)

I realised from the start that content was one of several income streams I needed to work on. I made my own and published it to a variety of platforms for myself, while at the same time also working as a performer for a different studio and travelling the country to film for them. 

I've continued to work since 2018 purely for myself. Self-funding content days and doing content share work, keeping track with the changes to terms and conditions as they have changed due to new legislation and site requirements. I'm currently maintaining content for myself across eight different sites and two social media platforms. 

 Alongside my own, I'm currently managing the content for several adult industry performers, and I'd like to bring my knowledge and skills together and use it to help others maintain and boost their presence and earnings. 

Jodie May-June 2023

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